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Whether you've been charged with a crime and your criminal defense attorney wants all the facts, or you're involved in an insurance battle and need more information, you'll find the help you've been searching for at Patterson & Patterson Investigations.

Drawing on more than four decades of experience, our private investigators will uncover everything you need to know. Schedule an initial consultation with Patterson & Patterson Investigations in Arlington and Fort Worth, TX.

Present the right evidence in your criminal trial

When you've been arrested and are facing criminal charges, make sure your criminal defense attorney has all the information pertinent to your case by calling Patterson & Patterson Investigations, serving Arlington and Fort Worth TX.

We work hard to find the truth in your case and present you with all the information - regardless of the outcome. Even if the facts in your case point to you being guilty, we'll be straightforward and let you know the next steps.

Our investigative professionals understand the two models used by law enforcement - the Crime Control Model and the Due Process Model - and how to deal with those when handling your case. If you want private investigators who are experts at gathering evidence and uncovering the facts of the case, call Patterson & Patterson Investigations, serving Arlington and Fort Worth.

Gather all the data you need for your civil case

Dealing with any kind of civil case can be stressful. Give yourself peace of mind knowing the truth will be brought to light by hiring Patterson & Patterson Investigations, serving Arlington and Fort Worth TX. We will uncover information pertaining to a variety of issues, including:

Child custody
Personal injury
Insurance matters
Witness statements
Family matters
Corporate investigations

Our private investigators use the best equipment and skilled research techniques to ferret out every piece of information needed to uncover the truth. If you're ready to get the data you need to properly present your case to the judicial system, work with Patterson & Patterson Investigations. Set up an initial consultation today by calling our office-serving Arlington and Fort Worth, TX-today.

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