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Were You Injured in a Motor Vehicle, Medical, Work, Commercial, Construction, or Negligent Owner Accident?

Our personal injury investigations can help your case

You know what caused your injury, but how do you prove it to your insurance company? Patterson and Patterson Investigations offers personal injury investigations in Arlington, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, TX and the surrounding area. We'll help you establish the sequence of events that led to your accident.

Call our office today to speak to an investigator about your case.

Arm yourself with evidence of your personal injury

Police reports aren't always thorough, especially if the officer wasn't a witness to the accident. Unfortunately, most insurers rely on these reports in the absence of other evidence. Our trained investigators can:

  • Interview witnesses and collect reliable statements.
  • Gather all documentation and surveillance regarding your accident.
  • Visit the scene to collect photographs and other evidence.

You've been the victim of an accident. Don't become a victim of greedy insurers or careless accident investigators. Call Patterson and Patterson Investigations in Arlington, Fort Worth & Grand Prairie, TX today to get the evidence you need.