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Is Illegal Discrimination Hiding Under Your Nose?

We provide corporate investigation services in Arlington, Fort Worth & Grand Prairie, TX

It's illegal for employers and mangers to discriminate against employees based on age, gender or disability. You may also want to root out any discrimination against non-protected groups, including those based on sexual orientation and marital status.

Don't let discrimination put your company at risk. If you suspect someone in your company of discriminating against current or potential employees, call Patterson and Patterson Investigations in Arlington, Fort Worth & Grand Prairie, TX today. We'll initiate a corporate investigation immediately.

Protect your company from unlawful behavior

Unethical actions in the workplace cause more issues than just low morale. They put your company in the path of potential lawsuits. Our corporate investigation services include searching for evidence of:

  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Retaliation

Any of these can ultimately create a hostile working environment and expose your company of illegal action.
Illegal actions can also affect your company’s finances directly. The Hiscox insurance company says employee theft costs businesses $50 billion per year. Call Patterson and Patterson Investigations of Arlington, Fort Worth & Grand Prairie, TX today to spot employee theft in your company.