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Is Your Loved One Too Scared To Speak?

An abuse investigation in Arlington, Fort Worth & Grand Prairie, TX can provide proof

Abusers often coerce or intimidate their victims into silence. This can cause abuse to go unrecognized for months or even years. If you suspect someone you love is being abused, don't wait. Patterson and Patterson Investigations can launch an abuse investigation to determine whether or not someone you care about is being abused.

Don't let worry and fear for your loved one's safety keep you up for another night. Call now to arrange an abuse investigation in the Arlington, Fort Worth & Grand Prairie, TX area.

Expose abuse with Patterson and Patterson Investigations

Do you need hard evidence for a permanent restraining order? Are you worried that a family member is suffering from abuse? Abuse can be difficult to prove, especially if the victim can’t speak on their own behalf. This often happens when the victim is:

  • Young
  • Disabled
  • Dependent

If you suspect abuse in Arlington, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, TX or the surrounding area, rely on our investigative services to uncover the truth. Call 214-859-4996 now to set up an abuse investigation.